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About Paustian

Pioneers since 1964

Paustian is a Danish furniture design house with an international outlook. Since 1964 Paustian has represented some of the most celebrated and renowned furniture designs for homes and organizations. We are retailers, distributors and manufactures. We are consultants, curators and designers.

Pioneers since 1964

It all started on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen, where Ole Paustian founded the Paustian furniture store in 1964. Over the years, Ole and Monika Paustian have built up the Paustian brand. Their particular ability to source and select original furniture and recognize good design is the very fundament of our company and culture. They were defenders of quality, spokesmen for innovation and had a curiosity for life - creative’s to the core. Their pioneering spirits are what feed the soul of our furniture design, and of everything that we do to this very day. 

The Paustian building in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, was designed in 1987 by the world famous architect Jørn Utzon. Since then, the protected house has been the central platform for not only furniture and design, but for film screenings, concerts, lectures, exhibitions and designer speeches. Today we also have a store in Aarhus.

Over the years our various collaborations with some of the world’s best designers and furniture manufacturers have lead to strong partnerships. Paustian is exclusive distributor of Vitra and Artek for the home market in Denmark, and we carry a wide range of leading brands and designers – both Danish and international. 

Our eye for design and quality has a strong presence in our own furniture collection - Paustian Furniture Collection. The collection is designed and created by Danish architects and designers, and large portions of our pieces are manufactured in our own factory, Frederiksen A/S in Grenå, Denmark. 

At Paustian we are experienced in creating interiors for offices and public institutions. We deliver solutions that support the client’s identity and ensure that the project is realized to its full potential - from the first consultation and concept development to the end product and installation. We work with a long list of leading furniture suppliers, however we also specialize in designing and producing our own custom-made pieces.  

Regardless of whether it is about providing a dining room table or workstations for 600 people, it takes a good sense of both design and function. It requires an eye for detail, knowledge of materials, and the ability to put it all together in the right way. It demands a respect for tradition and the courage to think in new ways.