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About payment

Card types
& security

The following cards are accepted at Paustian Online Shop: Dankort, Visa, Visa Dankort, Visa Electron, MasterCard & American Express.

Card types <br>& security

Any information you enter at Paustian Online Shop, related to the payment module, is encrypted between your computer and the Banking Payment Service (Pengeinstitutternes Betalingsservice – PBS). Neither Paustian A/S nor any third party is able to see what you enter and the information is not stored on our server.

With its "Dankort" payment card, Denmark is one of the countries in the world where payment is most frequently made by debit card, so we have many years' experience of and practice in security issues concerning electronic payment.

Your payment at Paustian Online Shop is made via an SSL solution (secure connection), which is currently the most widely used payment system in Denmark and elsewhere in the world. SSL is a security protocol designed by Netscape Communications.

The use of encryption allows SSL to:

  • Secure communication between internet servers (the business)
  • Verify the identity of the server
  • Maintain data confidentiality between the browser and server
  • Ensure that data cannot be amended between the browser and server 

SSL does not ensure the identity of the customer sending an order or payment information, for example, to an internet company. To read more about online payment in Denmark, please visit:, and We are always on hand to provide advice and information