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La Lampe Gras


In 1921, Bernard-Albin Gras designed a lamp series for offices and other industrial spaces. The GRAS lamp was stunning in all its simple, robust and yet ergonomic design. The original lamp design has neither screws nor weld seams. Bernard-Albin Gras was one of the most innovative designers of the 20. century as underpinned by the functional aesthetics he created with his lamps and particularly his sense of detail, which put him ahead of his contemporaries.

Early in the process, e.g. Le Corbusier was seduced by the modern design and the user-friendliness of the lamps and quickly became one of Bernard-Albin Gras' most enthusiastic customers using the lamps in his own offices and in several other creative projects worldwide. Today, the GRAS lamp is recognised as a 'collector's item', which is testament to Bernard-Albin Gras' timeless design.