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Business as unusual

Paustian creates interiors that convey and support corporate identity. From the concept stage until the last table is in place, we are there to ensure cohesion in the interior design and a sense of security at every step of the project. 

Our approach


It's about much more than chairs. It's about functionality, free movement, style, design and identity.

Our approach

40 years experience

We have 40 years' experience of furnishing offices, conference and meeting rooms, cafés and canteens, reception and lounge areas as well as libraries and educational institutions.  

We create functional...

We design, develop, produce and deliver furniture and custom designed furniture for private and public organisations.  

We create functional, beautiful interiors – often with furniture from the Paustian Furniture Collection and Paustian po Inventar custom designed furniture in close interaction with furniture and furnishings from other suppliers.

We work with a long list of leading architects and furniture suppliers. We have our own furniture collection and our own furniture factory, and we also specialize in designing and producing custom-designed furnishings.

With Paustian po Inventar custom designed furniture, we have unique expertise in custom designed furniture, with a focus on function and adaptation to the architecture of the building – always in a high quality and always with a high design content.