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Paustian Special Inventar

Custom made design solutions

'Paustian Special Inventar' are among the leading suppliers of custom made design solutions that supports and communicates a company's identity. In cooperation with our design office, we develop and produce customised furniture in close dialog with the customer - always with a focus on quality, functionality and aesthetics. 

Paustian collaborates with design offices and architects

In our own design office we work with e.g. furniture designers and architectural engineers, who are in close contact with the additional collaborators, the customer, and their request for colours, materials, and mode of expression, which ensures the best precision and quality of the final delivery. 

See our reference cases here.

Of reference cases can be mentioned:

BLOX - Fjordenhus - DOKK 1 - DR Koncerthuset - Egmont Kollegiet - Filminstituttet - Forsvaret Kastellet - Framfab - Grønlands Naturinstitut - Gyldendal A/S - H&M - Højesteret - Kammeradvokaten - Kronborg Slot - Kulturværftet - Lead Agency - Lego - Livgardens Kaserne - MT Højgaard - Nationalmuseet - Nørrebro Bryghus - Pakhus Langelinie - Panum Instituttet - Politikens hus - Rolighed - Rundetårn - Saxo Bank - Skuespilhuset - Tietgen Kollegiet - UCC Carlsberg - Zoologisk Museeum - Ørestad Gymnasium

About Paustian Special Inventar

The history of Paustian Special Inventar (previously po inventar)  begins in 1972 where the custom made furniture system was first designed in a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen and the architect firms Koppel, Koppel & Edstrand and KHR Architects for two university buildings, namely the Panum Institute and the University of Odense. After finishing the buildings, it was decided that the rights to the furniture system should be given to a supplier so that the future procurement of supplimentary parts could be ensured.

In this way, po inventar was founded in 1990 and got aquired by Paustian in 2011.

Paustian Special Inventar is amongst the leading specialists and suppliers of custom made furniture design. As the projects we work on often times are comprehensive and characterised by great complexisty with many different materials and production forms, we have decided not to have our own production facilities. Instead, we have throughout the years build up stable collaborations with a network of carefully selected subsuppliers, each and everyone with their specialty, which is why we can choose the exact supplier who is a expert on that particular area.


Danish subsuppliers and Paustian Snedkeri

Paustian Special Inventar collaborates exclusively with Danish subsuppliers and thus ensures that the production is in agreement with the Danish environmental requirements. Another and important advantage of this, is that in doing so there is a short route of communication and the opportunity for continuous quality control. 

At Paustian we also have our own cabinmaking - Paustian Snedkeri in Grenaa, where we create all kind of wooden furniture, and a large part of the Paustian Furniture Collection.