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We remain on board throughout the journey

From the concept stage until the last table is in place, we ensure cohesion in the interior design. 


We ensure effective project management from A to Z, guiding the client safely through the process, from advice, the exchanging of ideas and concept development to the final delivery. This way, we ensure effective solutions that support the company's identity and tell the company's story. 

Our approach

To separate play from work is a bad idea if you ask our interior designers. For them, it is all about stimulating and activating. It is about freedom of movement, smooth transitions from home to work and furnishings that promote mental and physical performance. So it is less important if the job is including a few extra workspaces, choosing colours of a lounge area or furnishing an entire hotel.

Our interiors are designed to ensure that individual employees can move effortlessly between environments and functions, depending on their needs and tasks, thus creating space for work, immersion, interaction and reflection. 


The little bit extra is our standard

We work with a long list of leading architects and furniture suppliers. We have our own furniture collection and our own furniture factory, and we also specialize in designing and producing custom-designed furnishings.

When one has their own furniture factory, it is easier to get desks, counters, cabinets and shelving to fit the actual conditions. Paustian's own team of professional carpenters and installers know the products better than anyone and they complete the installation on site. They are ready to undertake tasks of any size - from small adjustments to major installation projects and total design solutions. Also out in the big world and inherently with sustainability and environmental thought down in detail.

Specialists in custom-designed furnishings

Paustian po inventor specializes in producing custom designed furniture adapted to the architecture of the building, always in a good quality and with a high design content. 

It has over the years led to some important interior design and supplies primarily for Danish companies and institutions, often in collaboration with architects, who appreciate furniture that meets specific needs and functions, and sends the right signals.