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Paustian Furniture Collection

Made by Paustian

We have been developing our own furniture collection – the Paustian Furniture Collection – since 1969. The collection is designed by Danish architects and designers and mainly produced at Paustian Snedkeri (Cabinetmaking) in Grenaa, Denmark.

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Paustian Ensemble Sofa / Theresa Rand
Paustian Ensemble Coffee Table / Theresa Rand

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Paustian Ensemble Coffee / Theresa Rand

Paustian launches Ensemble - a modular sofa, a lounge chair and coffee tables designed by Theresa Rand. The idea behind the Ensemble sofa was to wrap comfort in elegance and a light expression.

The Ensemble sofa consists of eight different sofa modules, that can be combined in many ways. The rounded edge elements and the ottoman have the shape of a half-circle, which gives the sofa a more curvy, cosy, and inviting appearance.

The design is playing with basic geometrical shapes but has a soft feel. The name Ensemble refers to one of the meanings of the word in French: together.

The Ensemble sofa is complemented by a lounge chair and 3 coffee tables that are all reflecting the expression of the sofa. The inspiration for the Ensemble coffee table comes from Brazilian mid-century architecture and design and has been reinterpreted in a contemporary Scandinavian way. The construction of the coffee table is simple and geometrical and the tables, which can be combined with each other or stand by themselves, all complimenting the sofa’s circular and soft expression.

The Paustian Ensemble series is available in our stores from September 2018.

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Theresa Rand in Paustian Ensemble Sofa

SOFT - Helene Blanche for Paustian

Paustian introduces SOFT, a collection of throws and pillows designed exclusively for Paustian by Danish textile designer Helene Blanche. The collection takes its point of departure in the classic 'horse cloth' textile, that the founder of Paustian, Ole Paustian, started using back in the 1960's in interiors and for furniture - and by the way was the inspiration for the iconic Paustian Modular Sofa from 1969.

SOFT will be available in our stores from September 2018.

A refreshing take on the horse-cloth textile

Using a minimalistic and sophisticated take, Helene Blanche has redefined the classic 'horse cloth' textile by creating two new patterns, "Stripes" and "Plain", while still maintaining the classic "Checks". The SOFT collection  is woven in pure baby alpaca wool from Peru.

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Paustian SOFT / Helene Blanche
Paustian Pillow Checks & Striped / Helene Blanche
Paustian Throw Checks & Striped / Helene Blanche

"It takes an eye for detail. Knowledge of materials. A flair for putting things together in the right way. It takes respect for tradition, and daring to think differently"

Selected products

You will find more furniture from Paustian Furniture Collection in our webshop ...

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Paustian Modular Sofa / Erik Rasmussen
Photo Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

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Paustian ASAP Chair / Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

One of the first pieces in the Paustian Furniture Collection was a modular sofa designed by Erik Rasmussen. Since then, the collection has grown into entire furniture ranges and a number of unique icons, all with a focus on function, design and quality.

Paustian's own furniture collection is designed by both younger and more experienced Danish architects and designers. An increasing number of our pieces are produced at our own factories and marketed under the Paustian Furniture Collection name. The goal is to create lasting value by means of our choice of materials, sense of design and real function.

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Paustian Spinal Chair 44 / Paul Leroy
Paustian ASAP Table / Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

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Paustian 40-serie chair /  po-inventory
Paustian Spinal Table / Paul Leroy 

From work desks to shelving systems

Today, the Paustian Furniture Collection/Office consists of the Spinal range, which features desks, meeting and conference tables, chairs, bar stools and lounge chairs designed by Paul Leroy; the ASAP range with tables and chairs designed by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen; a range of workstations and height-adjustable desks – from executive desks and smaller workstations to high tables, stacking chairs, modular sofas and chairs, as well as shelving and cupboard systems with countless possible combinations.      

Selected products

You will find more furniture from Paustian Furniture Collection in our webshop ... 

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Paustian Snedkeri in Grenaa, Denmark

Paustian Snedkeri

Own furniture production in Grenaa

At Paustian Snedkeri in Grenaa we create all kind of wooden furniture, and a large part of the Paustian Furniture Collections is produced here - where the little extra is standard and where the focus lies in the detail.

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Paustian Snedkeri in Grenaa, Denmark

Focusing on design and high quality craftsmanship, we create our own competitive furniture and inventory solutions for the furniture market.

At Paustian Snedkeri in Grenaa, Denmark we can produce all types of wooden furniture.  The cabinetmaking has existed for more than 50 years, and today the team consists of 22 highly engaging employees who, in cooperation with our product development team, work to develop existing products and to shape and incorporate new designs and materials – always with a focus on quality, functionality and aesthetics.
Much of the Paustian Furniture Collection is produced at the cabinetmaking, which received a GMC environmental certificate last year, as a result of an extraordinary good environmental effort.

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Paustian Cabinetmaking in Grenaa, Denmark