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Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen


Arne Jacobsen graduated as an architect from the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating, he got his first job at the office of the City Architect of Copenhagen opening his own office only two years later. Arne Jacobsen is a world famous Danish modernistic architect.

He has designed numerous buildings in Denmark, Germany, and the United Kingdom. His more famous projects include the National Bank in Copenhagen (1971), SAS Royal Hotel & Terminal, Copenhagen (1960), and St. Catherine’s College in Oxford, UK (1963). Rumour has it that his fear of flying inhibited him from making a full impact on the American architectural environment. As an architect, Arne Jacobsen had very strong decision making skills, making it possible for him to influence not only the design of the building itself, but the majority of the details. Over the years, he ventured into various fields related to his work, such as light fixtures, furniture, cutlery, door handles and wallpaper patterns. "The Egg" and "The Swan" are two famous chairs designed by Jacobsen.