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Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford


As manager of Studioilse, Ilse Crawford (1962) is fascinated by the things that drive us, bring us together and make us feel alive. This is manifested in a design which creates an environment where humans feel comfortable.

Crawford believes that design can affect the way in which we feel and behave. By following the changing times and values, as well as things that do not change, design can shape the way in which we live and work. This approach can be used at all scales, from products to buildings, private and public spaces, and that is what she develops together with the next generation of designers through her work as department manager at the leading Design Academy Eindhoven. It is also an approach which is charismatic and sustainable. Earlier projects include the iconic designs which defined the Soho House brand, the Matias Dahlgren restaurants at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and award-winning lighting for Wastberg.