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Sergei Sviatchenko

Sergei Sviatchenko


Sergei Sviatchenko was born in Ukraine in 1952 and has lived in Denmark since 1990. Sviatchenko graduated from Kharkov School of Architecture in 1975, and in 1986 he completed a Ph.D. programme at the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, Kiev. Sergei Sviatchenko constantly experiments with media and installations, and he also produces video art, photos and collages.

In 2000, Sviatchenko went back to collages and started working in a new form. A form which goes across genres but at the same time merges "pop culture with politics, personal memory with collective histories, and architecture and science with the logic of dreams". This new form resulted in the "creation of some of the most interesting works in the current dynamic visual landscape".

For several years, Sergei Sviatchenko has made photo collages with their own unique expression, an expression which cannot be compared to the work of anyone else.

In 2009, he founded the project "Close up and Private", an art/photo project dedicated to the visual language of style and celebrating classic details and contemporary looks through unique photographic documentary. The inspiration for Sviatchenko's art, comes from surrealism and constructivism. Sergei's father, Evgenij Sviatchenko, who was a professor of architecture and an artist himself, was nevertheless Sergei's most important source of inspiration. The collages are the result of what is known as "archetypes" – inherent psychological structures that are to be found in the depths of the collective unconscious. Jung introduced the concept of "achetypes" in science and believed that these formed the basis of creative conscience.