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Shoichi Uchiyama

Shoichi Uchiyama


Shoichi Uchiyama (1947-) graduated as a designer from the YMCA institute in Tokyo in 1972. During the period 1972 - 1977, he worked for Yamagiwa Corporation, and in 1977, he established his own design office. In collaboration with Louis Poulsen, Shoichi Uchiyama developed the awarded Enigma pendant range comprising Enigma 425, 545 and 825. He received an iF Award for Enigma 825 in 2007, ARC Best New Product for Enigma 825 in 2006 and an iF Award for Enigma 425 in 2004.

With the Enigma series, Shoichi Uchiyama wanted to create an illusion of illuminated "wings" floating the in the air. The pendant is inspired by Japanese lighting culture and share the lighting philosophy of glare-free, comfortable light with all other fixtures from Louis Poulsen.