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Thomas Bentzen

Thomas Bentzen


Thomas Bentzen (1969) graduated as a furniture designer from the Danish Design School in 2004. Originally trained as a carpenter, Thomas Bentzen ventured into a number of spectacular projects already as a student. In the design collective REMOVE, Thomas Bentzen showed the first signs of his straightforward and experimental design using materials such as aluminium and pinewood.

Since 2005, he has worked with Louise Campbell, but he has also created a number of projects himself, such as the popular Don't Leave Me side table which comes with a handle to make it easy to carry around and the alternative piece of seating furniture Stakit (Danish for fence) designed in cooperation with Peter Johansen for Normann Copenhagen.

Together with his colleagues from REMOVE, Thomas Bentzen received the award for best upcoming designers by the Danish homes magazine Boligmagasinet in 2007.